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Dramatic compositions, unique brands, photographers with passion, positive people, creative minds and leaders: these are the kinds of photographers who create constructive change in our industry. - David Beckstead

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Summer weddings stay hot despite rising costs and Ramadan.

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Summary: BEIRUT: As couples eagerly await AWAIT, crim. law. Seems to signify what is now understood by lying in wait, or way-laying. ?the summer season to tie the knot knot

In cording, the interlacement of parts of one or more ropes, cords, or other pliable materials, commonly used to bind objects together. Knots have existed from the time humans first used vines and cordlike fibers to bind stone heads to wood in primitive axes, and were ?in Lebanon, a usually booming sector has shown signs of a slowdown this season, as the combination of rising prices and the positioning of Ramadan during a peak period seem to be affecting business. The MOvenpick Hotel and Resort in Raouche hosts weddings on a daily basis during summer

BEIRUT: As couples eagerly await the summer season to tie the knot in Lebanon, a usually booming sector has shown signs of a slowdown this season, as the combination of rising prices and the positioning of Ramadan during a peak period seem to be affecting business.

The ME[micro]venpick Hotel and Resort in Raouche hosts weddings on a daily basis during summer, compared to around 3 a week in the low seasons.

The wedding season starts at the beginning of June and ends by the end of September, Tamar Ouzounian, senior convention sales manager gerente m/f de ventas

directeur commercial

?at the ME[micro]venpick, said, "taking into consideration that the number of weddings is minimal during the holy month of Ramadan."

But while demand has risen year on year, budgets are falling and weddings are becoming much smaller, Ouzounian said.

"The average spent on weddings is $65 per person this year C* but with a 10 percent rise in prices, the number of weddings has fallen and these weddings have become of a much higher caliber," she added.

Such is the demand for weddings at the ME[micro]venpick, as at other five-star hotels in Beirut, that couples often book "from three months to one year in advance of their wedding to secure a date for their special day," she noted.

At the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel on the St George waterfront, Suzan Bou Dargham, director of public relations public relations,?activities and policies used to create public interest in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. By its nature, public relations is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in the most , claimed that 70 percent of the hotel's business comes from social events, in particular weddings.

"We have weddings throughout the year but the peak season consists of the summer months leading to Ramadan, as well as the last three months of the year," she said.

"The demand for weddings is so high that we are seeing clients book from six to nine months in advance of their wedding date," she added.

At the Phoenicia Intercontinental in Ain al-Mreisseh, the number of weddings is increasing year on year according to according to


1. When you really want a little more particulars in regards to buy cheap wedding dresses online uk make a trip to http://mydreamwedding.ie or my dream wedding right away.As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3. ?Rebecca Nachanakian, assistant director of sales in charge of conferences and events.

"Due to our reputation, we get a lot http://www.eonline.com/news/356834/jessica-biel-s-wedding-jewelry-pink-pearls-and-plenty-of-sparkle of wedding requests and every year is better than the year before. Since the hotel reopened in 2000, 3,200 weddings have taken place," Nachanakian noted.

According to Nachanakian, weddings at the Phoenicia vary in size, from cozy See COSE. ?weddings hosting 30 guests to much larger scale weddings accommodating up to 1,000 people.

"We customize menus for weddings according to the bride and groom, and this usually ranges from between $70 to $150 per head," she said.

Nachanakian told The Daily Star that weddings are held all year round at the hotel, with a particularly high concentration during the summer and festive fes?tive??


1. Of, relating to, or appropriate for a feast or festival.

2. Merry; joyous: a festive party. ?seasons celebrated in Lebanon.

"To deal with this significant demand, we have three people C* who are specifically in charge of weddings and their experience is very helpful to the bride and groom."

Nachanakian emphasized the heritage of the Phoenicia as a key factor to its sustained success in attracting couples who wish to celebrate their big day at this renowned location.

"The majority of our clients are local Lebanese as well as Lebanese expatriates. However, we receive many requests from couples across the Middle East, so we are constantly adapting to the demand according to our customer base," she said.

According to Nachanakian, clients usually reserve between six and 12 months in advance of their wedding day.

"Because we have a good reputation due to our heritage and highly skilled sales people, people often choose to book far in advance to secure their chosen wedding date," she said.

In terms of future demand for weddings at the Phoenicia, Nachanakian remains optimistic op?ti?mist??


1. One who usually expects a favorable outcome.

2. A believer in philosophical optimism.

op , citing the ballroom

This article is about the architectural element known as a ballroom. For the style of dance, see ballroom dance.

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A ballroom is a large room inside a building, the designated purpose of which is holding formal dances called balls.

?renovation scheduled for next year as a significant boost to the already buoyant Buoyant

The term used to describe a commodities market where the prices generally rise with ease when there are considerable signals of strength.


These types of markets can be very volatile as the prices are rapid to rise and fall with investor sentiment.

?demand for weddings at the hotel.

"This will be the first renovation since the Hariri blast so we are having a large number of brides and grooms who are enthusiastic to see how the new ballroom will be C* we already have weddings booked for next year," she said.

"The Phoenicia Intercontinental is very well known across Lebanon and the Middle East for its history and heritage. 2009 was a record year for weddings, 2010 went above our expectations and 2011 looks very good, especially with the ballroom renovation that we have started promoting," she added.

However, Raja Haffouda, senior banquet A banquet is a large public meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts. It usually serves a purpose, such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration. Sometimes a banquet consists of only desserts, but it is advisable to include main courses as well. ?sales manager at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Sin al-Fil, said that last year the hotel had a far higher number of weddings than so far this year, citing several factors for the dip in demand.

"Last year we hosted more weddings for three main reasons. Firstly, there has been an increase in prices this year, the unstable political situation is probably having an impact and Ramadan has happened to fall in the middle of summer," Haffouda said.

"The summer season is usually four months -- mid June until mid October -- although the high season has been cut this year by Ramadan."

According to Haffouda the winter season is also beginning to compete with summer as "many people prefer to choose the outdoor venues instead of indoor venues in hotels" during the summer months.

In terms of revenues, Haffouda said weddings at the Habtoor are earning the hotel approximately $27,000 to $100,000 per event, with particularly lavish weddings exceeding this upper limit.

"With an average price of $77 per head and above, weddings at the Habtoor are certainly high end and selective since we can cater for a very large number of invitees," Hafouda said.

"In fact we have a maximum capacity of 1,200 persons for a http://www.bridalguide.com/fashion/bridal-jewelry-accessories/designer-wedding-shoes wedding set-up," he added.

Haffouda noted that the period of time that clients are choosing to book in advance of their wedding date is increasing. "In the past, couples were booking six or seven months in advance of their wedding date, but this has now increased to around one year."

Despite the drop in profits this year for weddings, the situation for next year looks much brighter, Haffouda believes.

"We are very impressed for next year, demand is predicted to be much higher for sure," Haffouda said.

"However, this is of course dependent on the political situation. A large proportion of our client base is Lebanese living abroad, and they will not come if they perceive the country to be unstable," he concluded.

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How to Collect Silver and Gold Coins and Make Money

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Search unclaimed money on Ebay! You may not believe it, but state governments are selling all of the expensive, unclaimed treasures from abandoned safety deposit boxes and police property rooms at high bidding rates. Anyone looking for his or her precious items can also visit this site, which has become one of the preferred destinations of unclaimed property owners.

Even when our children are toddlers, we give them piggy banks to hold their rewards and gifts so we are indeed showing them the value of money and saving. As they grow older, it's important to continue offering the best investment strategies for kids to ensure the understanding of the importance of money is a life-long goal.

Details of the price for different weights and purities of precious metals are on national mint websites, for example the United States and Canadian Mints. This is the safest source for buying gold bars and coins because the weight, purity, and content have been guaranteed by the government mint. These products are accepted worldwide as being genuine. When selling, an independent assay to determine the purity of the gold is not needed.

Use a file cabinet or some other type of container to hold your other documents. Office supply stores offer many options, including file carts (which are open on top and typically on wheels), desktop file holders, portable file boxes, crates made specifically for holding files, and even cardboard boxes. Several things to consider when deciding what container to use include: where you will keep it; how easy it is to put papers in it and retrieve papers from it; how secure it will allow your papers to be; and whether or not you're title deeds storage a 'visual' person who would prefer a somewhat open container. To simplify the remainder of this discussion, I'll assume you're using a file cabinet. However, my comments are relevant no matter what type of container you use.

Create broad categories to group your papers. If your categories are too specific, you'll have too many places to search for information. For example, rather than create separate categories for flowers, trees and shrubs, you might want a category called 'Gardening.' Be sure to name the categories the way you think of them. For example, if you think in terms of 'Car', don't file car information under 'Auto.'

Where to Purchase Your Right Hand Rings

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You've found your ex and it's time for you to get down on one knee. And the proposal just isn't complete minus the ring. Whether she lets you know or not, whether she's a no fuss girl or total girl's girl, the ring is important. The metal, the rock, size of the rock, the inscription, everything. It is something she'll have for the remainder of her life and you also want to make sure the reminder is a good one. The process to get the ring could be cumbersome, but these tips should assist you to sail through.<br><br><br><img src="http://www.longsjewelers.com/uploads/11-longs-jewelers-solitaire-round-diamond-engagement-ring.JPG"width="314"; height="314"><br><br><br><br>First of all, diamonds are <a href="http://voltairediamonds.ie/">engagement rings ireland</a> simply as secure as his or her setting. You must check the diamond settings periodically. It only takes a minute and should sometimes be done almost every time you wear your diamonds. Any amount of participate in the setting, perhaps the slightest movement in the diamond, implies that you need to get it to a professional jewelry to have the setting tightened. Do not delay, or you may lose the diamond.<br><br><br><br>Diamond rings are becoming very common, especially when it comes to wedding rings. The priceless expression about the woman's face is definitely something worth seeing when she's being proposed too. Not only is she buying a ring, but she's receiving a promise and commitment in the man that she loves.<br><br><br><img src="http://www.longsjewelers.com/uploads/11-longs-jewelers-solitaire-round-diamond-engagement-ring.JPG"width="386"; height="386"><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Most emeralds today that are genuine, true emeralds are mined <a href="http://www.voltairediamonds.ie/">engagement rings ireland</a> in South America, in Columbia. They are classified as "Columbian Emeralds", an apt description of these. In the 1960's, a gaggle of American jewelers began calling stones consisting of mostly Vanadium and only a small amount of beryl "Vanadium Emeralds". Those stones are not considered to be true emeralds anywhere but in the United States.<br><br><br><br>Treat you buy the car like you'd probably treat purchasing a white diamond. Choose the carat, and a higher level clarity in how you would have a look at a normal diamond. If there are some flaws within the stone, then usually dealers would give you discount, but if you need a flawless stone then there a literally millions of them accessible to us. Do remember that some stones have such small flaws inside them that you cannot detect them the human eye, so again consider your budget when deciding on a ring.<br>

How to Buy the Perfect Gift Online

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Commitment rings or promise ring as they are also known symbolise a consignment between two individuals, normally a promise of fidelity and eternal love. Many younger generations are actually taking vows of commitment and exchanging commitment rings, instead of the usual path of engagement and then marriage. Because of the relative cost of marriage and a change in cultural and religious beliefs, the amount of marriages have over the last few years decreased; containing in turn engagement rings increased the popularity of commitment rings.

Consider purchasing the wedding bands via a wholesaler. Your jeweler does. In fact, online, you will find there's good chance you'll order in the same factory the local stores do. The cost difference is phenomenal because of the overhead associated in owning a storefront operation. The store needs to account for sales commissions, electricity, showcases and keeping a supply on hand for viewing. All of these costs add to the price that you are going to eventually fund your set.

Diamond grading starts form D to Z, D symbolizes to the purest quality while E, F, G, H to Z reflects successively lower grading, however after J grade diamond starts to shed yellow shadow therefore the best bargain is to buy diamond which range from D to J grade. One interesting thing to understand is that a D grade diamond and H grade diamond gives same impression to the Naive user, it needs careful examination and often experts get caught up with the sparkles while judging the quality and clarity so there is no point paying more when you can get same glaze and daze in cheap diamonds, and that means you can peacefully select lower grade diamond within your reach.

Sapphire is an excellent diamond alternative which brings with it an attractive blue hue. Some women like the majestic engagement rings dublin glint of sapphire on the clear cut of diamond. This type has become showcased as the main feature in numerous royal engagement rings, including the one chosen by Princess Diana of Wales. The same ring makes appearances on the finger of Kate Middleton. 14 diamonds are widely-used in the design, however the crowning jewel is certainly the prominently displayed oval sapphire positioned at the center.

Another cleaning method you could try is using a liquid cleaner which you'll purchase from a jeweller. These are generally excellent, just be certain you purchase one that's right for your jewellery and make use of caution should your gold has precious stones or diamonds set involved with it as you may must purchase a gentler kind of cleaner.

The Ever Popular Sports Bar Theme

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A nightclub promoter, also is called a party promoter, is often a person who makes money by drawing visitors to certain events. The more people he drives to the party, the more money he will make. Some promoters benefit a promotions company, but most promoters are freelance promoters. Generally, a promoter get money by how many individuals he take on the party. In average, a promoter will get 5$ for one person he take for the party. If he took 20 visitors to the party that night, he could get 100$. If he works 5 nights a week, he can get 500$ one week, that's 2000$ a month. There are many benefits to be a nightclub promoter, they are"

Nightclub design components like disco lights are interesting for their unique design. Patrons enjoy to determine diverse sorts of decor if they go to a nightclub. With the lighting that is certainly applied today, it could be synchronized where it is usually in sync while using audio beats. This too, is started up by the woman or man who is spinning the records. Back in the day, these designs solutions just weren't offered. The nightclubs just had the traditional recessed lights and also the strobe light, which has been a globe located in the dance floor location and devoted to by a white laser beam. Even though patrons got accustomed to the strobe light, they were expensive Nightout to do. Nightclub owners entirely on their own paying much more money to operate this compared to what they desired to shell out.

A club is a great place for men to put on bright and exciting colors, in particular when he dresses in a conservative manner at the job all week. Most of today's nightclubs are contemporary and full of energy. Both modern attire and also the classic type of dress your style in. Still, you should keep in mind that you may well be visiting other clubs ahead of the night is complete. Wearing layers can get you prepared for any eventuality.

Picking up Brazilians is focused on dancing... If you can't dance, well listen being rich also may help but in lieu of an healthy bank balance, working your moves on the oasis is sure to get things warming up. In the unfortunate event you cannot dance, well, there are many more countries on this list so stay with me.

Food menu needs to have the American staples: Pizza, wings, burgers, Nachos etc.. but twenty-four hours a day specialise in something and also you can try a new challenge. With the foodies culture seizing now there a multitude of people who are interested in try to tinkering with new kinds of cuisines and fusion options. You can try a Japanese twist on the classic chicken wing recipe just by changing the spices included with the mix. Or try and make everything hand-made with the process food out their home made food yourself is a real feature to people today. Experiment and who knows you may event another big Sporting bar menu staple.

Be a Debs Queen by Wearing Debs Dresses for 2010

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In practically all fashion styles, accessorizing is as critical an accomplishment as picking out the garments themselves. The weighty impacts of hip-hop culture in city design may also be directed to how women and men stylize. Urban wear is to customize just isn't an understatement. Urban fashion components are as edgy or fashionable as the clothes these are harmonized with. They present revolutionary, unique and excellent concepts that are rooted in individuality, cultural and ethnic influences.

Generally, you will discover many fashion gurus who'll advise you to avoid one sort of dress over another - particularly if you feel your physique has "problem areas." However, it is always best to determine gowns that you are comfortable in which cause you to feel as you look your very best. If you are inside a rut, you may want to take into account different colors or fabrics to use new stuff, but when you want a specific form of dress, then don it. It's your body so present it the method that you want to.

Nearly all style faux pas stem from visiting a pattern on the tall designer model and thinking it is going to look good on any lady. Most women are neither anorexic nor 6 feet tall. In case you remember hardly anything else: Be seasonally constant when placing a fancy dress together. Never wear boots plus a skirt with uncovered legs; tights, nylons, and even flesh colored fishnet pantyhose help link the (thermal & fashion) gap between your knees along with your hemline.

Surely, most girls previously realized the larger benefit and convenience cocktail dresses dublin from online shopping. Less business cost enables suppliers to offer classier debs gowns on affordable prices. But which style is really desired by you? To be gorgeous is necessary, particularly if surrounding people all seem glaring. But always remember not to overdo luxury and make up a moderately elegant appearance. It' s wise to keep your look dresses to rent dublin updated while using latest fashion sense. But ensure your dress really fits your style, pores and skin, figure and in addition pocket.

Needless to say that shopping on the web has become a approach to shop for debs dresses and gowns, eventhough it does take a number of the fun out of trying on various dresses and becoming approval from the friends or family. With online shopping, you might have limitless options which enable it to even comparison shop in order to find the best deals if you are on a budget.

Picking The Best Faviana Dresses

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debs dresses are what is going to make you stick out on your debs night, however comprise will help to allow you to stand out more. Regardless of whether you're looking to create an enhanced, theatrical Cleopatra-style look, or simply something simpler for daytime wear, eyeliner is probably the beauty staples. Here is a quick self-help guide to getting the most from this vital item.

Need it; set a powerful desire to lose fat and extra fat. Say no to HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup - unhealthy sweetener. Establish realistic weight reduction targets for example, 2 to 3 lbs. every week. Have adequate nourishment along with boost yourself having a purely natural multivitamin/mineral. Obtain a good weighing scale, ideally searching for one, to discover your body weight more precisely. Take pre and post photographs (why not a few in between), to find out where you are now.

Nearly all style faux pas stem from going to a pattern on the tall designer model and thinking it will eventually look good on any lady. Most women are neither anorexic nor 6 feet tall. In case you remember hardly anything else: Be seasonally constant when placing a fancy dress together. Never wear boots as well as a skirt with uncovered legs; tights, nylons, as well as flesh colored fishnet pantyhose help link the (thermal & fashion) gap between knees along with your hemline.

This might resemble an extreme action nevertheless for all of them, it's just like selecting new imitation bags on a regular basis. At the end of the day, a brand new makeover will give you some sort of freshness in addition to new self-confidence. Not forgetting that it smashes the dullness which has been progressively killing you, no matter whether consciously or sub-consciously. You have turn into another individual having an all new mission as well as a new vision. Combining an actual makeover in addition to a change of putting on a costume style, a bit make up along with new high heel pumps give you a completely jovani dresses new zeal and rejuvenates your own senses.

Formal dresses tend to be used as formal attire at fancier events for example weddings, private dinners or debutante balls. Formal dress rule require for men to wear either black colored tie or white tie. Black tie attire has a tuxedo and bow tie for men and a sophisticated gown for girls. White tie outfit has a black coattail jacket, black dresses dublin pants, a white shirt and tie, and white vest. Females must put on formal dresses which can be usually floor length gowns, shorter length just isn't appropriate. The rule of formal dresses is strict, and then any invitee who not comply will likely be considered to have poor social manners. Check out Faviana Dress #6428.

Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

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Have you ever thought of hiring a string quartet for your wedding,? The quartet normally consists of 2 violins a viola along with a cello. They can play for your guests arriving, setting the scene for your special day. Perform pieces of your choosing with the service, for your signing in the register as well as for wedding music your Exit Processional. The choice is entirely your decision, although consult whomever is officiating as to the suitability in the music

Of all the preparations for your big day, wedding ceremony entertainment is one area that can't be rehearsed. Speeches could be practiced facing willing family. Dresses and suits could be tried on. Cakes and catering could be taste tested. All these practice-runs come about to minimise the probability of catastrophe around the most important day of the bride and groom's life. But the music is quite much dependent around the equipment working, the act listed, as well as the music being enjoyable as many people as possible. How can the bride and groom know whether their chosen wedding entertainment will likely be worth the money and add the of entirety to both service as well as the day and evening receptions? What could be done to maximise the chances of wedding ceremony entertainment going smoothly on the big event?

A great D.J. may wedding entertainment also make for a great reception and it is usually much more affordable and indeed more versatile compared to a band since selection of music is usually a lot greater in sheer volume of songs. A young couple may also select songs which they want to hear which enable it to actually pre-plan your entire evening's price of music because of their reception, though it is not recommended. You want the D.J. to feel that he is also instrumental in picking wedding ceremony music to the special day. If you collaborate with her or him you can get an exilerating array of wedding music which will put your individual stamp on it as well as the D.J.'s.

Consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, a wind group can perform the usual ceremony repertoire using a unique twist. Able to draw upon similar song list with a string quartet, a wind quartet will resonate well in the large wedding music bands space, and so are able to perform outdoors without the problems. Having a flautist perform for your ceremony will add an intimate, lilting touch, as well as the support in the other instruments behaves to fatten the overall sound.

It seems that contemporary songs appear widely used during the modern wedding parties: A Love So Beautiful, Against All Odds, All For Love, All I Have To Give, Angel, As time Goes By, Because I Love wedding music You, Because Of You, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, You Have Been Loved, The Power Of Love and many other pop music will likely be good options for wedding music.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Ring Styles?

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Rings happen to be offered and worn as love tokens for centuries and in the present day, rings are the established symbols for engagements along with weddings. Deciding upon rings for anyone important occasions mustn't certainly be a quick decision, as they are likely to be worn and cherished for a long time ahead. These days, the fashion is much more for white gold or platinum diamond rings plus white gold engagement rings, rather than the yellow or rose gold engagement rings which were popular with previous generations. Should you favor white gold jewelry but much like the old-fashioned designs, you could have to look at antique style wedding rings, in contrast to authentic antique rings as only a engagement rings uk few older pieces were made from white metal.

First of all when you've got no clue, it's a good idea to follow along with the trend. Although the different diamond rings have various sizes of diamond with different cuts, there is certainly still a great set. Diamonds along with precious stones are measured in carats. These carats refer to the weight. Each carat equals to 200 milligrams. Now Jewellery Secrets has conducted surveys and statistics and demonstrated that according to the buzz, the proper size for diamonds on diamond engagement rings are 0.38 carat. In fact this size is even right for a woman's slender fingers.

Do not skimp on your own wedding band budget. While your wedding ring symbolizes your promise one to the other, the music band symbolizes a lifelong commitment that can mark this significant transition in your own life. Make sure you allocate a good music band budget in order that these rings forces you to happy for life. Choose rings that can wear well over the years and avoid the ones that wear down easily or needs replanting every so often for it to keep its luster and color. If for now, you are not able to pay the rings that you want, you'll be able to always purchase affordable bands and perhaps save up to your permanent rings. This is wiser option than spending your entire money on something that you don't like.

Celtic bling.ie wedding ring has been around for centuries. In recent times, these often highly jewellery valuations ireland ornate and symbolic rings have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. Due to the varied selections of Celtic knots and scrolls, there is certainly plenty of room for individuality. Celtic can be even more attention grabbing as two tone, or decorated with diamonds.

Once you have chosen your wedding day ring along with used it in your wedding day ceremony, you'll probably want to use it every day. In order to keep it in good shape, you ought to take care to get rid of it when you are taking part in any activities in which it might be lost or damaged. You should also make sure that you clean the ring at the appropriate interval, particularly if there are any engravings, stones and other decorations in which dirt could accumulate. You can clean your band inside a solution of ammonia.