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Celebrity Fans And Friends Pay Tribute To David Bowie

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The world was stunned early Monday morning with the news of a legends passing: David Bowie, artistic chameleon and Grammy-winning songwriter, died after an 18-month battle with cancer. He was 69.

In the wake of the news, Twitter and Facebook were overwhelmed with tributes from Bowie fans around the world. From U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and British astronaut Tim Peake to some of the planet's most influential entertainers, there was a deluge of love and awe for the extraordinary man...
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Tips For Choosing The Best Piece Of Jewelry

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You may feel passionate about jewelery, if it is yours or a loved one's. For those who have jewelry, it is important to know a little about taking care of it correctly. The tips provided here will assist you in your quest to know more about caring for jewelry.

Separate your jewelry for storage to avoid getting pieces tangled. You should keep the pieces sepa...
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Influence on the Metro-Male That Led to the Surfacing of Men's Diamond Rings

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Nothing might be truer as opposed to popular saying which matches that diamonds can be a girl's friends. These precious waste stones may make any woman go weak to be with her knees. The only thing that might make her speechless is often a diamond in perfect cut and clarity. Be it a wedding, festival, birthday or anniversary, diamonds go along with every occasion. Being a perfect gift for each and every woman in your lifetime, exquisite necklaces is the call of waking time. Gone are the days when... Read Full Post »

Confused When Buying 14k Two Tone Diamond Wedding Bands?

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It deserves each of the attention from the comfort of some time it enters any gathering or meeting. Almost every section of diamonds may be worth thousand looks. Since historical times, it's enjoyed the identical style of glory and demand. Your jewelry collection is incomplete without necklaces. Every woman craves to get a lot more of computer in her own click this over here now stunning col... Read Full Post »

Finding an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

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Proposing might be nerve wracking. Even if you understand the solution is a really desire to make sure the timing, the venue; everything about your proposal is perfect. From the method (whether or not it's while hot air ballooning, riding horses or higher a loving meal) and ring you give your significant other, you wish so that it is romantic and unforgettable. If you are going the regular route, deciding on the ring may be a daunting challenge alone, notably if you aren't knowledgeable about th... Read Full Post »

The 5 Worst Ways to Buy Gold

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Last Updated Jun 7, 2010 7:20 PM EDT

A record run-up in the prices of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum over the past decade have turned commodities into one of the nation's hottest investments. That's got every body talking about investing in gold.

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Gold is particularly popular be...
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How Analysts Expect the Gold Price to Perform in 2010

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Finding reliable coin dealers can often be difficult. The task gets harder in case you are looking for one that will be both honest and qualified. You can require referrals from friends as is also able to give you reliable information you can be confident. In case, you do not get the naming of a coin dealer, strategies through which searching for any reliable one yourself. You should never hurry. It is wise for taking your time and energy to discover and measure the reliability and credentials o... Read Full Post »

Engagement and Wedding Ring Etiquette by Rebecca Klein

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Diamond rings hold a deep rooted tradition inside the reasoning behind longevity, strength, and undying affection. There is a rich history surrounding this bit of jewelry that spans centuries, just as soon as only attainable by individuals who were loaded. If you have ever wondered why they have got stood quality of your time as being a very identifiable symbol, and ways in which they was a mainstream item, please read on.

In order to couple the diamond rings with any type of attire, ...
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DiamondMansion.com features customized two-toned diamond rings - Fresno Working Dads

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Tiffany jewelry outlet, founded in 1837, it's the world's diamonds and precious metals pieces in past times 220 years the truly great name! The organization well-known due to the conventional and traditional jewelry. They focus on every age, nationality, pores and skin, skin tone women's demands, and geographic boundaries. Completion of jewellery really cautious to uphold a excellent seem and accuracy as a way to attract shoppers worldwide. Tiffany jewellery is often a symbol of love and sweetne... Read Full Post »

The Romantic Princess Cut Engagement Ring: Why Is It So Popular? - Family and Home Articles

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Gold like nothing else metal includes a very fascinating history. Since 1000's of years it can be has been used as jewellery for adornment in addition to being a fundamental portion of auspicious occasions. So, if you're planning to get yourself into a different phase of life with the beloved, engagement rings or diamond engagement rings are very important. Choosing that specific gold ring design with the special day generally is a weary task. But there are many online jewellery websites that of... Read Full Post »